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Curriculum Approach & Philosophy

Thai as a Second Language has been designed to cover all essential areas of Thai language and culture. Lessons integrate listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, as well as culture-sharing into its programs.

The courses are offered in three levels which are Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Thai and will include content on Thai traditions and culture. The appropriate teaching units will be matched to each student for best results. Instructors will continually adapt teaching lessons to suit any situation.

Baan Aksorn suggests that a beginning student learn Thai alphabet writing, Kor to Hor pronunciation, combining letters, and spelling. After students learn Thai language fundamentals, they will continue to learn words and meanings and how to create sentences. 

In the beginning of the course, the instructor will explain the lessons in English for better understanding of the students. Instructors will integrate activities and evaluations throughout to achieve maximum results.

Courses for all levels!

Speaking & Listening

Beginners Course

Students become familiar with the sounds of the Thai language by learning the pronunciation of all Thai sounds and the five tones, acquiring essential vocabulary, and learning patterns and knowledge about daily life and Thai culture.

Topics include:

  • Thai Alphabet & Thai Tones
  • Importance of the “wai” and how to execute it
  • Construct simple sentences
  • Construct & respond to simple questions

Basic vocabulary:

  • Describe people & professions
  • Describe everyday objects, colors, locations
  • Giving directions, daily activities, days of the week
  • Numbers, telling time
  • Holding simple conversations

Students will expand their capabilities in speaking and listening, acquiring more vocabulary and sentence patterns to express themselves and understand the spoken Thai lanaguage around them

Topics include:

  • Construct more complex sentences & questions
  • Ask Directions
  • Shopping & Bargaining
  • Ordering in a restaurant
  • Thai traditional activities
  • Thai families
  • More vocabulary for everyday use, including names of months, names of foods
  • Dialogues & expanding conversations

Intermediate Course

Students will acquire more vocabulary and patterns to become more functional in Thai life, learning how to express themselves in common scenes of everyday life.


Topics include:

  • Making reservations
  • Making and answering phone calls
  • Making invitations to others
  • Looking for and describing your apartment
  • Traveling in Thailand
  • Describing Thai language for simple conversations

Topics include:

  • Expressing opinions, agreement, and disagreement
  • Describing simple everyday tasks & errands
  • Giving instructions to maids
  • Thai office place
  • Giving instructions to staff
  • How to make a complaint
  • Emergencies & how to handle them
  • Animals and the Chinese calendar years
  • Hobbies & free time
  • Receiving Thai guests at home & the workplace

High Intermediate Course

Topics include:

  • Describing Bangkok city life
  • Describing Thai country life
  • How to eat and understand meals like a Thai
  • More about weather & climate
  • Borrowing, lending, and expectations
  • Talking about values
  • Making merit
  • Thai personal life & emotions
  • Thai music & movies
  • Thai soap opera: who did what to whom and why
  • Understanding Thai relationships

Topics include:

  • What Thais do to be polite
  • A bit about Thai politics
  • Thailand’s Royal Family
  • Thai view of foreigners & other countries
  • Reading the meanings of Thai smiles
  • Body language & personality
  • A bit about Thai history
  • Networking in Thailand
  • Fortunes and talking about the future
  • Buddhism & Thai beliefs

Advanced Courses

More advanced students will establish goals with their instructor at the beginning of their course of study, and the instructors, supported by the school, will develop a program to meet these goals. Instructors will build on the student's foundation of knowledge so that the student will be able to listen, pronounce, read, write, and understand more complex components of the Thai language for effective communication in and outside the workplace.


Baan Aksorn's programs are flexible and easily adapted to meet individual or company requirements. Baan Aksorn's commitment provides an enriching learning experience for every student targeting individual goals and styles.

Specialized Courses

For those who want the essentials to getting around and being understood!

Expand your effectiveness in the workplace! Master the Thai business essentials for understanding and avoiding misunderstandings in the Thai business world. Must have at least intermediate level Thai.

Discount Rate! Intensive Course

Learning Thai for an intensive period is one of the best things you can do for your Thai language learning experience. By studying five days a week, at least 2 hours per day, you can give yourself the momentum to achieve your goals and reach a new level in your Thai language capabilities. In addition, Baan Aksorn offers a discount rate if the study takes place between 8:00 - 10:00 AM or 1:00 - 4:00 PM.

Bigger Discount! Intensive Group Course

Same format as the Intensive Courses but studying with 1-3 other students at your level. Students wishing to do this program will be placed on a waiting list to match with other students. Studying in groups offers many advantages, such as:

  • Hearing questions that another person has
  • Opportunities for conversations in Thai with another ex-pat often bring up topics and vocabulary that would not come up when practicing conversation with just the Thai instructor.
  • Taking turns allows more time to process and practice new vocabulary and grammar structures.
  • And of course, opportunities to meet new people!

Studying in groups should be fun and productive. However, if you feel that group studying is not practical, you can request to change groups or switch to a different course plan.

Reading & Writing

Thai Alphabet & Tone Rules (30 Hours)

Gain Proficiency & Speed (40 Hours)

Preparation for Por Hok Exam / Literacy Test for Foreigners: Customized

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