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Lessons can begin a 7 AM and end at 9 PM.

A typical group will have 2 to 3 people, but we will not put more than six people together to provide time for individualized attention.

Baan Aksorn distinguishes itself by providing its students the flexibility and tailored attention they need to master the Thai language and understand cultural contexts more deeply. Baan Aksorn instructors coach each student to meet their requirements and preferred topics of study with the approach that best fits them.

  • Allowing discussion or clarification in English if needed
  • Adjust styles of teaching to match the learning styles of the student
  • Adjust the content of the study to focus on the essential vocabulary, patterns, and topics for the student
  • Baan Aksorn will also try to accommodate lesson time changes when possible

All instructors at Baan Aksorn have a wealth of experience from which to draw. All have a university degree in teaching Thai to foreigners or have taught Thai for many years at accredited schools. In addition, all teachers receive ongoing teacher training, which provides additional support to develop new, tailored lessons.

After completing Speaking 1, typically done in 40 hours, the student can expect to know approximately 250 of the most useful vocabulary and grammar patterns for speaking and understanding Thai. For example, the student will be able to build simple sentences, ask and answer simple questions, order food in a restaurant, express likes/dislikes, direct a taxi, know the colors, numbers, days of the week, and much more!

Baan Aksorn does not charge any registration fees or enrollment fees. Only payment of the course fee as listed on this website is required to begin lessons. Baan Aksorn reserves the right to change its course prices from time to time without warning. Typically, however, Baan Aksorn will give a 3-months notice for current students who would like to pre-pay for future courses at lower prices. An extra transportation charge may be applicable for students living or working outside the Central Business District.

Licensed by Ministry of Education of Thailand

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